Dossier (Covenant)

Happy New Year everyone

Happy New Year everyone

Dear Zyrelle,

Remember your covenant with the Lord, thou shall not be affected with the things that is happening in your life, rather, take every moment as your last and make this life worthwhile.

I know things are going easy these days and I know you have thanked the GOOD LORD for an answered prayer. But, do remember to keep on praying, for I can see a brighter sun shining for you at the better end.

Things aren’t easy. Work hard to achieve your dreams. And pray that God commands the universe to make your longings come true.

Always remember that God loves you!



Dear Zyrelle



Dear Zyrelle,

Your life here on earth is AMAZING.  You notice it every single day, right? You are a wanderer.  You are one happy woman. And ow, you know what, i take a look inside your heart and guess what, there are a lot of goodness flowing in its veins.  You should learn how to share them.

Well, everybody knows that life isn’t easy and you feel it every single day. I am grateful though for every time, a smile never leaves your face. I congratulate you for that for that was way too far when you were still grumpy and angry with the world and mad about God.

I know there are times when you feel like surrendering the life He gave you. Just a piece of advice, why not wait for Him to take it away from you. It’s a gift! It is rude to return a gift so precious and so worthy as your life.   So I tell you this, do value it and make it laudable. You might not know it, He is full of surprises, He might shower you with a lot of beautiful things for taking care of HIS gift.

I see your life every day, there are times when you struggle and there are days when no Sun shines your path. But, there are also times when you feel like you are in paradise, free from worries, no confusion, and no battlefield to cross. I know you possess no weapon. And the only way is, you have to swallow it all. Well, worry no more, for, I learned a secret from the Master of the Universe.  He says that, all of these are meant to happen and meant for you to go through. You know why? Because He says He is molding you into a BETTER Zyrelle. He is trying the best frame in order for you to be His best creation so at times He has to break those gaps. Sounds amazing, right?


When you are pissed, smile and breath, talk good.

When they cursed you, thank them and pray for them

When they belittle you, as if you are a cockroach in the kitchen waiting to be stepped-on, run and ask God for protection.

Do not pray for an easy life or a happy relationship but be contented for every day that goodness happens. Even if everywhere is darkness and you forgot to bring a match for your candle, do not be afraid. Just close your eyes for a while and slowly open it and adjust your luminosity with the dark. Imagine He is walking with you in there for He really is.

I remind you once again, Love life!


Zyrelle ♥

At The Most Cruel Place On Earth For Sea Creatures. The Manila Ocean Park


who would want to be imprisoned for life?  who would want to be taken away from one’s house? i do believe that every aquarium is a prison cell for every sea creatures captured from the sea.

DSC_0450look at this tank and these fish’ size.. can they roam freely? can they swim without bumping each other’s fins? geezzz


and the jellyfish? they are not art. they are creatures.


and these juvenile blue spotted stingray swimming in a small tube like aquarium.. soooooo cruel.. better see them in the wild people.