I learned patience the hard way from you.  You make me break my own rules.  How could that happen?  I am about to get mad and then suddenly you make me smile.  I can see you are making the world revolve on your palm for you already mastered how to get things done your way.

Ok. you can barely talk, all you can say is “Ah!” but then your acts speak bigger and louder that your “Ahs” and “Wee”.

Life of living with a toddler.





This is the first time i speak of it.the first time  i heard it. And the first time i eat it. Their food is delish. 

Pinoy festive mood

Their bestseller pork sisig.
Really an authentic kapampangan dish. Will definitely come back for their buro. 

Their ceiling is captivating

Price? Worth your money

Location? Accessible at the clark freeport  zone.

Parking? Wide enough to accommodate lots of cars. 

Overall must try resto.


see those small poles in the ocean?  I used to play there and fish with my father. He used to bring me in their barracks when I was a tot. Revisiting Sta. Ana again brings me memories no amount of treasures could replaced. I miss you Papa


Nostalgia that’s what they say
When suddenly your mind
Takes you to where you were
Decades ago.


Reminiscing the smell
Of the old sea
Recalling the waves
Racing to touch your feet

The wind
which touched your face
Gracefully awakens an old feeling
Of a playful child
By the sea.