I was  born to take space.  It’s either i will grow it or consume it.  I will expand it while it lasts or shrink it if  I can.

At first, it was barren and desolate. The first step was a challenge.  After which, I made that bold move with my best foot forward. Trembling yet steady.  Prepared but unwilling. “Ready?”, asked my conscience.  “Maybe’, I replied timidly.

Here I come.  The pavement is hot.  Has someone walked here before?  Were they my ancestors? If I stumble now, did they trip too? They say history repeats itself.  Will it happen?

I own this space.  Someone might own it before, but, for now, I own it.   Nobody can take it away from me. For, before I was born, God already made this space just for me.

There’s  is no such thing as overcrowded, jam-packed or squeezed.  The earth was long ready even before we  plan to set our foot  on it.  Our food was ready, we just have to gather it.  The materials for our home were ready, we just have to build it.  Our garments were ready, we just have to weave it.  Everything we need was ready.  And, we have everything!

Don’t you see?  Everything that we need and everything that we want is here.  We don’t have to ask. We don’t have to beg.  Everything is within our grasp.

So, just claim your space!!

Co-existing with space

When in Happy Hallow

I attended the culmination of a feeding program sponsored by the John Hay Management Corporation today at the Happy Hallow Elementary School.  It was my first time to attend.  I didn’t know what to expect, but my excitement to see the place is euphoric.

The weather was hot. The excruciating heat of the sun added to the anxiety that I felt as we walked towards the school compound.  Before that, I was informed that I would be introduced to the locals there as the new community relations officer.

As we reached our destination, me and my companions were greeted by the running and playing and laughing and shouting kids.  I uttered to myself, “I guess I can survive this situation.”


As a way of saying thank you to the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC), the children were asked to perform dances and cheering.  They danced like the music has no end. They are dancing but they are actually playing (hmmnnn how could this be?) Carefree. No fusses and frets.

After the dancing and the singing.  These overactive pupils stormed the kitchen for refreshments. They were able to rest for a while before they fall in line again for the free lunch.


The lunch was prepared by the parents and guardians of the pupils of the school. This is to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation in the preparation of the food.  For, there is no substitute for a home cooked meal lovingly prepared by a mother to her kids.


So, what was the meal everybody were excited about? It was chicken adobo.

As the program ends, I suddenly have a dream.  I dream that the Happy Hallow Elementary School will have a sustainable feeding program. One that does not need the JHMC.  I noticed, they have a gulayan on the right ride of the school.  From there they could grow some vegetables and raise chickens.  The pupils will be taught responsibility while the school will be self-sufficient.

Just a dream!  Let’s make it a reality!

Surprise me not

I have learned so much from you for my 35 years here on earth.  I can’t imagine you taught me well. You deceived me by believing that I have enough of your lessons. You are so cruel that you want me to learn the hard way. Anyways, I want you to know that I am grateful for the things that made me cry for, it didn’t kill me, for the wrong turns that made me sob, for, it directed me to where I am right now, and those simple things that made me smile since they made me realized that big surprises came from small things. 

Well, what else is in store for me this year?  I can’t wait for your silly surprises.  You taught me well in the past few years, hence, I ask no compassion from you. Have no grace.  Let me still learn the hard way. Why? Because, it makes me stronger.  Every punch on my face reminds me that I am human. And, I am thankful that, I am alive and kicking.

Go on, test me.  You may have those silly surprises, but you know, I managed to be wickedly amazed each time.

Come on, disturb me more.  When I find my peace, shock me.  I have a nomadic mind now.  It wanders from place to place sipping every dew of happiness in every touch.

When I find my happiness, hurt me.  My heart is tough.  Tougher than you could imagine. Your constant beating transformed it into a double bladed steel, forged by fire and pounded by love. You can’t defeat it anymore.

When I am loved, toss me away.  Abandon me in a deserted place.  Leave me in a solitary confinement.  I may starve but I will not die.  I may stumble a few times, but I have the courage to pick all myself up.

So, hear me now. Surprise me not.

mi gwapito son

Hey! Wazzup.

What did I do? Where did I go?

The thing is, I’ve been busy. Busy as a bee? Like? Busy being a mother to my wonderful and handsome son, NikoBelo.

But, hey! You will never get busy when you are a mother, because, you love what you do. And, you are happy with what you are doing. So, what really, did I do in the past few days and weeks of not blogging? Can I just say, I hibernated? Because, the temperature drops to less than 15 degrees centigrade and I fell into deep slumber.

While hibernating, my mind wanders away from my body and do these things.

  1. I have this journal/notebook/travel journal/notepad itinerary that my brother gave me few years ago where I write and keep important dates, thoughts and dreams.  I still use itthoughts
  2. I bought this yellow notebook from Lazada and i will use it to continue my thoughts and my everyday Bible journal.

yellow note

This is how I blog about nothing…

It’s the Time of the Year [again] 2015

@ the Ayala Technohub

I can smell Christmas.  Its everywhere. This time, our celebration would be different for, we already have our bundle of joy, Michael.  It would be a lot merrier, happier, more memorable,and more meaningful.

To kick off  the yuletide season, we had an early feast at the “Foodies At The Hub”.

BeFunky Collage
from left to right: hotdog sandwich with seaweeds; chicken schnitzel sandwich; BBQ; puto bumbong; hainanese  chicken, and; laksa
BeFunky Collage
the doting dadee and mamee

and cheers to our bundle of joy




this photo was taken by your dad and just minutes away after you were delivered.

Dear Michael,

Welcome to the world NICK ISABELO AGUDA DEL PRADO.

You know what, you were supposed to be named after your snappy grandpas. FELIX ISABELO LUIS LEON AGUDA DEL PRADO, however, it was too long and the Registrar might not approve it.  So your dad did the unthinkable, he named you after him.

I made a tumblr account, which kinda a diary that captures all your memories from the moment you were born until you are allowed to use the internet.