see those small poles in the ocean?  I used to play there and fish with my father. He used to bring me in their barracks when I was a tot. Revisiting Sta. Ana again brings me memories no amount of treasures could replaced. I miss you Papa


Nostalgia that’s what they say
When suddenly your mind
Takes you to where you were
Decades ago.


Reminiscing the smell
Of the old sea
Recalling the waves
Racing to touch your feet

The wind
which touched your face
Gracefully awakens an old feeling
Of a playful child
By the sea.

Yellow Trail @CJH

The Yellow Trail also known by the locals as the Japanese Trail.. Ow. Camp John Hay plays a historic role during the second world war.  it was the first to be bombed by the Japanese during the Second World War.. I want to emphasize, first in the Philippines to be bombed by the Japanese.

It begins here and the war ended here.  Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, commander of the Japanese military forces in the Philippines signed the surrender documents at the American High Commissioner’s residence in Camp John Hay which formally ends the Second World War.

In fact the table which Yamashita used for signing was still at the Ambassador’s Residence.


The Yellow Trail… You can passed by the American residence when trekking the Yellow Trail.

Still a little bit of history, when the Americans left the Camp, they brought all their belongings to America, however, a part they did not cede was an area at the Camp which still is considered a part of US territory.. so when you step on there, legally you are stepping on US soil.

the trail?  its an easy trail. except when it rains, the path would be soooo slippery.

before i forget, the Yellow Trail is perfect for bikers for there are ramps in there… and good for horseback riding too.


360 degree of pine trees
Enter a caption
saying.. Yellow Trail
Visited America in a minute then back to PH.


Blue Trail @CJH

The blue trail begins at the Country Club Village Barangay, Ranger Station and extends all the way to the Historical Core, however, the blue trail is also connected to the Yellow Trail which  will end at the Kabadyo or Loakan Road.

Difficulty?  the trail is easy. even children can survive the trail. just don’t forget to bring a bottle of water. The trail is actually perfect to health buffs to burn those calories.

before the long enduring trek
surrounded by pine trees all throughout 
on your left side is country club village and on the right? hmmnnn.. its where manor is located. 
just be careful coz ul gonna have a hard fall when you slipped
A forest like feel
still has a densed Benguet Pine trees
the roots of the pines slowly invade the pathway
water pumps just in case there is a forest fire and when you trek guards will secure you for safety 



You Cant give up.jpgDear Human

You can’t give up.

You can’t give up on love because others are hateful. You can’t give up on believing in one another because you’ve been let down. You can’t give up on hope because pain came your way. You can’t give up on kindness because some people are cruel. You can’t give up on peace because war surrounds you. You can’t give up on dreams because they don’t always come true.

Life isn’t about everything being in order. Life isn’t about bliss. Life is about learning to live, love, hope and believe in the midst of perfect imperfection.

Life is messy, complicated, confusing and beautiful all at the same time. Life is the single best gift you have ever been given.

You can’t give up.



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I was  born to take space.  It’s either i will grow it or consume it.  I will expand it while it lasts or shrink it if  I can.

At first, it was barren and desolate. The first step was a challenge.  After which, I made that bold move with my best foot forward. Trembling yet steady.  Prepared but unwilling. “Ready?”, asked my conscience.  “Maybe’, I replied timidly.

Here I come.  The pavement is hot.  Has someone walked here before?  Were they my ancestors? If I stumble now, did they trip too? They say history repeats itself.  Will it happen?

I own this space.  Someone might own it before, but, for now, I own it.   Nobody can take it away from me. For, before I was born, God already made this space just for me.

There’s  is no such thing as overcrowded, jam-packed or squeezed.  The earth was long ready even before we  plan to set our foot  on it.  Our food was ready, we just have to gather it.  The materials for our home were ready, we just have to build it.  Our garments were ready, we just have to weave it.  Everything we need was ready.  And, we have everything!

Don’t you see?  Everything that we need and everything that we want is here.  We don’t have to ask. We don’t have to beg.  Everything is within our grasp.

So, just claim your space!!

Co-existing with space

When in Happy Hallow

I attended the culmination of a feeding program sponsored by the John Hay Management Corporation today at the Happy Hallow Elementary School.  It was my first time to attend.  I didn’t know what to expect, but my excitement to see the place is euphoric.

The weather was hot. The excruciating heat of the sun added to the anxiety that I felt as we walked towards the school compound.  Before that, I was informed that I would be introduced to the locals there as the new community relations officer.

As we reached our destination, me and my companions were greeted by the running and playing and laughing and shouting kids.  I uttered to myself, “I guess I can survive this situation.”


As a way of saying thank you to the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC), the children were asked to perform dances and cheering.  They danced like the music has no end. They are dancing but they are actually playing (hmmnnn how could this be?) Carefree. No fusses and frets.

After the dancing and the singing.  These overactive pupils stormed the kitchen for refreshments. They were able to rest for a while before they fall in line again for the free lunch.


The lunch was prepared by the parents and guardians of the pupils of the school. This is to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation in the preparation of the food.  For, there is no substitute for a home cooked meal lovingly prepared by a mother to her kids.


So, what was the meal everybody were excited about? It was chicken adobo.

As the program ends, I suddenly have a dream.  I dream that the Happy Hallow Elementary School will have a sustainable feeding program. One that does not need the JHMC.  I noticed, they have a gulayan on the right ride of the school.  From there they could grow some vegetables and raise chickens.  The pupils will be taught responsibility while the school will be self-sufficient.

Just a dream!  Let’s make it a reality!