She sprints

She is a warrior sprinter

She created, 

Her own race. 
Set her goals. 

Though her hurdles
Are mind boggling, 
Its wieldy,
For her to bear. 

Like a storm 
Which visits 
She stands tall 
Like a Narra tree, amidst 
The narrow gaps 
Of its piercing blows. 

She continues 
Her journey…

From where 
She is, 
A pint of light
Grows bigger
And brighter 

In her every step, 
The light becomes nearer. 

She sighs 
From excitement,
“Getting there
Faster than I think.”

Then it continues

I wanna paint this smile again in my face.

My blog is wandering like me.  I began with blogger then migrated to wordpress then, for now, for no reason, i am migrating to blogger again.

From being a teenager to early adult, I kept diaries which were, eventually, burned down.  The link of my past and present turned into ashes. Who in his / her right mind would turn such an evil deed?  That, I dont want to discuss.

Bits of memories, still, lingers on. But, not as vivid, anymore, compared to my writings from my past.

Now,  I am building memories, again. 

I hope, the future will look at me. saying, ” You had a great life!”.


In case you are wondering, my previous blog site was

She felt safe at the moment

She’s back from where she fell.

The cliff was deep. Guarded by thorny vegetation, that, with a single touch from those sharp edges, you will feel an excruciating pain. She knows the danger from the beginning, still, she decided to walk over it.

Yes, she has entertained the thought of walking away, yet, her feet lead her to it.  Completely, she ignored the danger sign.

She felt safe at that moment.