Sometimes, positive thoughts matter


Purple flower by Zyrelle
Plants that live in a hostile environment produce a rare flower.

Sometimes, you find meanings in the small things that we see every day.  You just have to learn to see the beauty in it.

If you are being swayed in the negative, find that spot of light that will lead you to the positive things in life.  As they say, the best authors were those that went to and fro the most difficult things and were on the verge of jumping into desertion.  A difficult encounter with life’s anonymity yet a positive sapling will grow in it.

New weapons were forged by obstacles and hindrances. And it is innovating in every hardship that you encounter.  Come to think of this, you will forge the best weapon in life after you encountered the most difficult way to survive.


She is not wilted

wild flower

She is gathering her army of pens and papers.  Preparing her line of defense. which one will gonna be at the front line?

Will it be pens?  With her sharp thoughts and vivid memories, her pens would be a gracious host to fire those ideas in black and white.

Will it be papers?  With her emotions poured in there, no reader cant be moved by her words.

She rarely talks.  She communicates with her smile and sporadic gestures.  Her defense is her mystery.

That makes her not wilted.

She was delighted

While walking, she stumbled upon this purple flower blooming amidst the tall bamboos in its sides.  She hates the shades but she needs the sun.  Despite the hindrances, it is in full bloom. Its  radiance is contagious for every passerby that chance upon its beauty was delighted.

She understands her situation now. She is in trouble. Every day, she is busy fixing things wishing it would be better as days pass by.

Clinging with her conviction, she swore to live in a safer place for the rest of her life.   Every adversity she will face, she will be in full bloom, like the purple flower  surviving, thriving to get a sunshine amidst the dark shadows.