Camera 360

I will feel you in the air that I breath

I will love you for the water that I drink

I will remember you like a sweet caress

I know you are smiling every time the Sun rises in the East.

And when I am sad? I will have your hope staring at a rainbow after the rain.

Your advises will be forever remembered in every word I say.

I will feel your absence in every tear that fell in my cheeks

You are immortal!

For, I see your face every time I face the mirror

You will greet me with your smile in my brother’s lips

And I can smell your home-cooked meals every time I visit a kitchen

At last you are with Him!

The fact of the matter is…

i can only paint when i am sad :-(

The fact of the matter is, I am not. I am not what you are suppose to see. For, I am the Ghost who wanders at night standing beside everyone. Alone. Unnoticed.  Yet, it is felt like a brush of air beneath those swaying leaves.

The fact of the matter is, I am an eel. Elusive. Sneaky.  Lurking under fuzzy rocks and blurry rivers.  Running away from your fantasies and world of fictions.  Catch me if you can.

The fact of the matter is, I am every word in that book you read.  Precise. Clear. Telling things you never know. Lend me your ears or regret what you will never hear.

The fact of the matter is, I am the rain which pour its hearts out under a sunny weather.  Sudden. Hard. Pleading everyone to appreciate its flood.  And I say, “As promised, you will soon see the rainbow after my downpour.”

The fact of the matter is, I am the rock you walked on when you stumbled in that dark tunnel.  Silly. Unbearable. But, I carried every step you made.  Yes, i felt your heavy burden along the way.

You guess it right, I am the pen you used when you wrote those words that define me.   Can you still remember?

Those whispers and tight hugs.

Hmmnnnn… Remember and  do it again.

Let’s reminisce.

The Bearer

SAM_0081 (640x480)

I am the Bearer of this beautiful gift.

Cuddling it safely in between my arms, nourishing it with pure love, cherishing it with happiness, caring it with good memories until it is delivered before the world to see.

Every day, it’s getting heavier and heavier. Every day, it’s getting tighter and tighter. And every day, I can feel its movement at the slightest prick of its vein. It’s enchanting. Am I worthy as the Bearer?

Though it’s still hiding…I can feel its power and might. Its —

Wasn’t able to finish this piece.. The flow of my thoughts suddenly freeze…

Blank Spaces

blank spaces are not always dull, sometimes they come in colors :-)
blank spaces are not always dull, sometimes they come in colors :-)

I am in a vacuum, seeing a blank space. In this blank space lies a tiny dot which leads me through the infinite and into the unknown.


A blank canvass.

An empty box.

A hollow bone.


At this spot, I have the best vantage point of my whole universe.  It’s like I am on top of it watching its cycle as it unfolds its might in every turn.







Get up and walk away.

Walk away? Yes! But, before that, I have to break away from my shell. I need to free myself from fears and from the blaring words of anonymity.  For, I need to see not with my eyes but with my heart.  Because  in my heart, there lies my passion.  A passion to take that first step away from my comfort zone and a courage to dare the unknown.

Staring at blank spaces is not bad after all.